All staff at Dragway are extremely well versed, knowledgeable and very experienced on the subject matter of wheels & automotive components manufactured by the company. So we’ve created a mobile Dragway showroom so you can discuss on a one on one basis with Ian or Sabrina about offsets, quality, range, style etc and you can feel the product before you order it. This “grass roots” approach is the best way for us to get direct feedback and at the same time promoting, what we believe is the best Australian made product on the marketplace.

With over three decades of industry experience behind us we truly believe Dragway have a product to suit your individual taste, style, application, whether you’re into street rods, custom cars, classics, drag cars / bikes, trikes, Harleys, metric cruisers or todays modern street machines.

Look out for our mobile showroom at major Custom Car, Hotrod, race tracks and motorcycle shows. So come and enjoy the Dragway experience!