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The Dragway Story

IanSplattCustom Wheels, Parts and Accessories.

Dragway, a fully Australian owned company, has been the market leader in the design and manufacture of street, racecar, American Motorcycle and quality custom wheels for over 30 years.

Dragway is the brainchild of former drag racer Ian Splatt, who built up the business to be regarded as legendary during the 1970s and is still today a true leader in its field of special application wheels and stylised componentry.

Increasing demand for creative quality products has enabled Dragway to build on its solid reputation. Dragway now design and produce a wide range of wheels and many more components to enhance ones individuality.

Dragway is developing new design concepts for both automotive and motorcycle wheels and components to provide a truly unique and individual look.



Dragway have been involved with the Lincoln V12’s with several of the guys that run them, all of which have had problems with the original distributors.

Dragway have manufactured a billet electronic distributor which has solved the problems with the original distributor.

The distributors have billet housings, bearings on shaft, Pertronics module, standard mounting and adjustable timing.

The owners of the V12’s that have fitted the distributors have commented on the easy start and better running of their V12’s.


DRAGWAY for Your Car


fpcarsmDRAGWAY Car Products

From Billet Wheels, Classic Wheels and even Steering Wheels,  to Hubs, Calipers, Dust Covers, Filler Caps and more, DRAGWAY design and manufacture the products, accessories and custom components to make your car stand out from the rest.

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DRAGWAY for Your Motorcycle..


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DRAGWAY design and manufacture a wide range of products, accessories and custom components for the discerning motorcyle enthusiasts. From Wheels, Disc Rotors, Callipers, Engine Mounts and Sprockets to Handgrips, Filler caps, Headlights, Clamps and More…

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